Reuniting Families of Yesteryear For Tomorrow

Welcome to the

Copp Family NY Website

I began this journey as a means to finding our closest

relatives and staying in touch,

what I have found is a past that is by far

 larger than I ever imagined!

Travel back through time as you explore the

different sections of this

virtual book of history.

I welcome your comments and suggestions

 on the guestbook!

Remember this is just a journey we have

 so much further to go

but it can only be an interesting and successful

one if you come along!

Should you have any information about the Copp Family

Please email me at

or join FACEBOOK and look for the

Copp family members using the website.

We want to hear about your family and

 what's going on in your lives.


Shane Symes crossed the

US in hopes of finding the past.

A journal of his trip is listed in the

directory. Read through his finds

and facts to add to your collection

 of Copp history!



It's been a busy couple of years and the newsletter

was taking more time than I was able to give.

I enjoyed writing about our family and sending it out but due to

the cost of putting it together we will no longer have a printed

newsletter. If you would still like to receive past issues I would be happy 

to send them to you. Please email me at

Karen Phillips


134 Jeff Drive,

Crestview, FL32536